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Carley is so knowledgeable but also meets you where you are in terms of your own plant knowledge. She really transformed my relationship with my yard and revealed possibilities I never could have seen on my own, with attention to both aesthetics and practical use. I can't recommend her enough for any kind of landscaping project!Read More

I can't say enough good things about Carley. She is experienced, creative, enthusiastic, warm, and a pleasure to work with. I love her emphasis on local plants, and she's up for any challenge. Plus, as a small business owner, she is easy to reach, and very flexible.Read More

Working with Carley of Cicada Design has been a dream! I needed help shifting my garden into one with a thoughtful plan and better plant selection, and Carley more than delivered. She really listened to what I hoped for and took my taste and budget (which was not huge!) into account. I really appreciated how much time and energy she put into my relatively small garden, especially knowing that she has a lot of clients and projects with a much larger scope! I'm so happy with the result and love my garden landscape. Carley did an amazing job, and I know I benefited from her deep knowledge and experience. Even some things I had planted years ago that never did well are now thriving once Carley came in and figured out where they would do better. She also knows where to go locally to shop for plants, and is happy to have a client come with to pick or take the lead, depending on what you prefer. Carley has also been happy to come back periodically to help with garden upkeep and adding in new plants. I so highly recommend Carley and Cicada design!Read More

Carly was a total pleasure to work with. We gave her a blank slate on a large bed in our back yard. We asked her to create a perennial garden that would be easy to maintain, and bloom throughout the season. Was thrilled with what she put in and am very happy with how it is all coming back this spring. I highly recommend Cicada Design.Read More

Carley is so much fun to work with. She listened to our landscaping project goals and was clearly excited to help us execute our vision. She has a great knowledge of plants that will thrive in a variety of environments. She planned a beautiful design for our facility that fit with both our land and operations plans - filling our space with a wide variety of lovely native perennial plants and helping our team install and learn to care for the care for new landscape.Read More

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