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Get inspired. View some of our past work. 

This Chatham county cottage garden features a mix of native grasses for structure and four-season color among biennials like hollyhock and pollinator plants. The vibe of the space is whimsical and full of soft pastel pinks, peaches and yellows amid a backdrop of sage green. Everything in the space is also deer resistant.

Converting a section of your lawn to a pollinator garden is a rewarding and fun process. Lawn is practically lifeless when it comes to benefits to wildlife and pollinators. By removing this small section of lawn and replacing with beneficial perennials, we’ll be attracting all sorts of birds and pollinators to the space. Species in this space were also selected for their attributes as cut flowers, as the homeowner enjoys flower arranging.

A 1914 home in Old Southwest Roanoke gets a more colorful and bright garden design to match its updated interior, which was designed by Edith-Anne Duncan of Blacksburg, VA. The interior of the home was featured in Southern Home Magazine in January 2021, and I wanted to honor its colorful but classic update.

Many native plants were featured in this garden design, such as Hydrangea quercifolia (oak leaf hydrangra), Chionanthus virginicus (fringe tree), and Chrysogonum virginianum (green n gold). I wanted to show that native plants have merit and deserve a space in the garden.

The species selected for the outdoor space were also based on a Tommy Mitchell commissioned piece, whose metal flowers reflect birth days and significant memorable moments for the homeowner, such as daffodils, David Austin climbing roses, snowdrops, iris and yellow tree peonies.

This project was installed during early 2020. The client wanted a garden with loads of movement and color that would attract pollinators and birds. We featured many wonderful native plants, such as Columbine, Bluestar, Native hydrangeas, Mountain mint, Echinacea, Calycanthus, and Dogwood. Incorporating native plants into the home garden is not only easy, but extremely rewarding. My biggest joy is sharing plants and gardens with others. I was pleased at how this one turned out. Sometimes the smallest spaces (and gardens) can have a big impact on your daily life and happiness.

A builder-grade landscape replaced with interesting shade-loving species. Photos taken in March, 2021, less than a year after installation.

Installed in September 2020, this landscape features many native plants that benefit pollinators and birds. Native grasses abound with pops of texture and color in this four season landscape. This is a water wise landscape and is more ecologically diverse than a grass lawn, which we ripped up entirely.

A modern and pollinator friendly landscape to complement this architectural beauty of a home. Many native species are featured in this garden, such as Monarda punctata (spotted bee balm), Baptisia (wild indigo) and a few varieties of native grasses.

In this garden, we were finishing out the space after a recent design-build on a backyard home office. We wanted to create a peaceful woodland feeling to mirror the surrounding shady woods.