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Where do you get your plants?

I work with local nurseries and collaborate with clients to make sure the plants we use are beneficial to the local environment. When possible, I work with Landscape Plugs™ for the following reasons:

  • Plants usually reach flowering size in first season and have a high transplant success rate.
  • Quicker and more reliable than seed, with erosion control starting in weeks rather than months.
  • LP50 plugs have deep (5") roots that establish quickly.
  • Compact size is easy to transport - a real cost saver.
  • Plants are chosen for wide adaptability and ease of transplanting and establishment.
  • Excellent choices for wildlife habitat development, providing food & shelter for many species.
  • Plugs come in flats made of 100% recycled plastic and are #6 recyclable.

Thanks to NorthCreek Nursery for the information above.


What’s the turnaround time?

This also depends on the complexity of a project and the sourcing of plants. Once we’ve done a short consultation, I’ll be able to let you know if it’s an afternoon’s work or a multi-day project.